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Discover the Quokka line by Travelpits and more at OzWit, your one-stop shop for everything you need to brave the outdoors and immerse yourself in nature — from foldable fire pits to cooking tools and coolers!

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The Best Portable Fire Pit

Foldable fire pits are essential camping gear with their portability, easy setup and cleanup, as well as their versatility in the great outdoors. Designed to be lightweight and compact, they are easy to carry around in your car or backpack, providing a controlled and contained area for your campfire.

With the right foldable fire pit and camping accessories, you’ll be ready to enjoy a warm fire that lasts all night against gusts of wind and can give you a delicious hot meal whenever you’re hungry.

You can pair your foldable fire pit with other popular products like the Quokka cooking accessories — made of the highest-quality, food-safe materials to prepare a variety of tasty meals.

Popular Products

quokka fire pit, camping fire, portable fire pit quokka fire pit, camping fire, portable fire pit
Quokka II folding Camping Fire pit - LARGE - QUALITY BBQ $379.00
The Quokka II is here with a new stainless steel base and roll-formed body panels, no spot welds on fire panel walls, for maximum strength and longevity.   Also see the Quokka Combo Packs HERE and save. The Quokka folding Fire Pit from Travel Pits is the best portable fire pit on the market, great for camp oven cooking, frying up a steak or creating an ambient mood and keeping warm with friends and generally just a great camping fire pit. This camping fire pit can be used with charcoal and BBQ fuel as well as fire wood, they will not buckle or warp. The grill has three adjustment levels making sure you have the right heat for your tucker. Also available are the stainless-steel rotisserie brackets making roasting chicken, lamb and pork easy and tasty.  The fire is elevated and confined and on enquiry may be used in some places where ground fires are not permitted. Use your Quokka Folding Fire Pit in your back yard and take them to your favourite picnic destination and on camping trips, cook up your roasts outside in summer and keep your house cool. Make outdoor life easy with a foldable fire pit When you have finished your camp cooking simply remove the grill, load some wood on top and stand around the fire and cook up some marshmallows with the kids. The Quokka Folding Fire Pit and legs are made from 201 stainless steel (industrial grade) and the cooking grill and grill cradle are made from 304 stainless steel (food grade). The base plate is stainless steel and the internal fire grid is cast. Once finished with simply fold it up, slide it into the bag and store it. Once folded the fire pits are small enough to keep in your caravan, motorhome car boot and four-wheel drive. and weigh only M 9kg and  L12.5kg. Available in two sizes, Medium and Large. The legs of the fire pit are anchored by clips on the stainless steel base plate for ensured sturdiness and portability. The Quokka II has roll formed pit panels, a new stronger and cleaner design a step ahead of the spot welded panels on previous models.   Also available in Medium, see sizes below. The Pack Includes: Stainless Steel Grill Cradle Stainless Steel Grill  Stainless Steel Fire Pit Cast Fire Grid Stainless Steel Base Plate Poly Canvas Carry Bag               Warranty RP01 please see our return policies page   FAQs What is a foldable fire pit, and how is it different from a traditional fire pit? A foldable fire pit is a portable and convenient way to enjoy the warmth and cosiness of a traditional fire pit. Unlike traditional fire pits, foldable fire pits are compact and lightweight, making them perfect for camping trips, picnics and other outdoor activities. The Quokka Folding Fire Pit is easy to set up and can be used with charcoal, BBQ fuel and firewood, giving you a range of options for cooking delicious meals and snacks. What are the benefits of a foldable fire pit? Folding fire pits offer a range of benefits for outdoor enthusiasts. They are portable and easy to store, making them perfect for camping. They also reduce the risk of fires by confining the fire to a designated area. Folding fire pits also allow easy clean-up and are made from robust materials, ensuring longevity and maximum strength. What materials are used to make the Quokka Folding Fire Pit, and how durable is it? The Quokka Folding Fire Pit is crafted from high-quality materials, including 201 stainless steel for the legs and baseplate and 304 stainless steel for the cooking grill and grill cradle. This makes it incredibly durable and able to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. Whether you're using it for cooking a tasty meal or enjoying a fire's warmth with friends and family, the Quokka Folding Fire Pit is built to last. And when you're done, it's easy to fold up and store, so you can take it wherever you go. Can the Quokka Folding Fire Pit be used with charcoal, BBQ fuel and firewood? Absolutely! The Quokka Folding Fire Pit is designed to be versatile so that you can use it with various fuels, including charcoal, BBQ fuel and firewood. This gives you the flexibility to cook up whatever you like, whether it's a delicious steak, a roasted chicken or even some marshmallows for the kids. And with its adjustable grill, you can easily control the heat to ensure that your food is cooked to perfection.
Australian Made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs Australian Made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs
Australian Made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs from $179.00
These quality made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs boots are made in Australia by Australians, with Australian wool and Australian oilskin. The sole is made with of rubber and EVA blend. So you can be sure you are getting a quality pair of Uggs that will last you for years. Here at OzWit we have taken the boots to the next level to include an oilskin outer to be worn as a weather resistant camping Ugg boot. These boots will keep your feet warm and dry through those cold winter nights.
Women's oilskin vest has pockets at the front and a zipped interior pocket for items Women's oilskin vest desined with shaping for comfortable fit
Women's Oilskin Wool and Tartan Lined Vest $190.00
This women's oilskin vest is made from Australian oilskin, tartan lined with Australian wool lining the chest area. Designed for optimum arm movement, this is a perfect addition for traveller's and camper's due to it's warmth, waterproof qualities and two front pockets, with an inner zipped pocket for items you want to keep dry. Chest measurement in centimetres  XS 96 cm | S 100 cm | M 106 cm | L 112 cm | XL 120 cm | 2XL 126 cm | 3XL 134 cm  
Australian Oilskin vest, fully lined with Australian wool Oilskin vest with pockets for your hands and front and internal pockets for items
Men's Oilskin Wool Lined Vest $215.00
This vest is fantastic for warmth. It has a leather collar and the vest is made from Australian waterproof oilskin and is lined with Australian wool, it will keep you warm and dry. This vest is great for layering, allowing for better arm movement while still keeping your chest and back warm. It has two external flap pockets at the front which also has internal hand pockets behind the front flap pockets to allow you to keep your hands nice and warm. There is also an extra external flap pocket on the top left chest side to lock away valuables. It has a woollen pocket also on the inside of this vest making it a great vest for working in.   Chest measurement in centimetres: this is the measurement of your chest at the widest point. XS 95cm | S 100cm | M 105cm | L  110cm | XL 115cm | 2XL 120cm | 3XL 125 cm
Insulated can cooler, stubbie holder, oilskin stubbie holder
Oilskin the Australian Insulated Stubbie/Can Cooler $37.00
This handy Can Cooler is great for both cans and stubbies. It's unique design keeps drinks icy cold for up to 6 hours. Being lined with wool and finished in oilskin this handy stubbie cooler comes with a leather strap and a clip. It can be attached to your pants, bag, backpack or saddle when out riding, for safe keeping. The leather strap can be used as handle to hold your drink. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves a cold ale at the end of a hard day.
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Camp oven cook books, camp oven cooking, best camp oven books Tri Pack Camp Oven Cook Books
Tri Pack Camp Oven Cook Books $64.93 $79.90
Introducing a fantastic OzWit Tri-Pack cook book set! This pack consists of three great camp cook books that will tantalise the tastebuds and show off your cooking prowess! Fresh off the press as of last week, The Camp Kitchen has just hit our online store. This book was developed after many years of conversing with the camping community at shows and events around Australia. With over seventy mouth-watering recipes, this book is jammed packed with starters, entree's, mains, desserts, breads, salads, gluten free and vegetarian options. With camp oven cooking guides, grilling, frying, stewing, baking and even some salads it's the complete camp cooking book. You asked, and we've delivered! Our ever popular Cooking With Camp Oven book, with over 6,000 copies sold Australia wide, is the second book in this great pack. Now on its second print run, it has the tried and true OzWit favourites, and you don't need to be a chef to get great results. It will guide the user to start cooking with a camp oven, how to season your camp oven, and how to use a camp oven in all types of conditions. A practical book that provides the reader with the secrets to successfully pulling off great dishes, techniques and practical camp oven hints. This book has over 50 recipes that will please all taste buds and is great for a first timer through to the experienced camp oven cook. Fair Dinkum Dampers is the last book in the Tri-Pack. A damper is a 'damper', so we're told. We beg to differ! We have dampers for starters, dampers for breakfast, dampers for mains and dampers for desserts. We stuff 'em, roll 'em, knead 'em, and eat 'em. There's even a sweet treats section at the back that will sure please the kids and keep them busy around the camp fire. The Fair Dinkum Dampers was the first book of its time and is sure to embrace the reader's world, their loves and passions around a shared interest in outdoor cooking. Campers love this book! Who has the best damper around your campfire? Introduced at an incredible price for Father's Day, this is the first time that these books have hit the shelves together. Make sure to jump online quick as this great deal won't last long! Dad will love all the great ideas, and your stomachs will thank you for it!
Boat shoes, Beach Shoes, Water Shoes Boat shoes, Beach Shoes, Water Shoes
Skooda Ladies Black Sporty Rainbow, Flat lace, Black soles $69.99
Black Sporty Rainbow, Flat lace with black soles. Use as water shoes, Boating Shoes and beach shoes. Also a great leisure shoe, good from beach to bar. Skoodas are very stylish light weight shoes. They have laces at the front but they are slip on's, making them easy to slip on. The inner soles are formed with visco-elastic creating cushioned moulding creating comfort that is custom to your foot print. The outer covering of the shoes form perfectly to the shape of your feet and remain firm and comfortable throughout the day. This is perfect if you have lumps bumps or bulges. Skooda’s are machine washable and can be worn in fresh and salt water. They are perfect for boating, working and all leisure activities.
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Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack
Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack $29.95 $35.00
These camp oven baking mats are custom designed by OzWit with handles allowing ease of  lowering and removing your food from your camp oven or frying pan with minimal effort. Kneed your bread or damper dough directly on the mat then lower it onto your trivet in your camp oven.  Perfect for roasts as the edges of the mat curve up the side of  9qrt - 12" camp ovens and smaller, reducing or stopping the juices from your roast accumulating on the bottom of the oven.   They are the perfect shape for your frying pan or spun steel camp oven lid. They are a thick PTFE mat, free from any harmful chemicals Use mats on a low to medium heat  Prevent messy camp oven clean up and save water, simply wipe clean use on public BBQs   This video below shows the use of the OzWit Camp Oven Baking Mat.
Sold out
Australian oilskin market insulated cooler bag will keep items cold and hot for a long time.
Oilskin Market Bag, Cooler Bag Esky, keeps ice for 24hrs $137.95
This popular Market Bag is designed to keep drinks and food icy cold for up to 24 hours. Being insulated with Australian wool and finished in oilskin this handy bag This popular Market Bag is designed to keep drinks and food icy cold for up to 24 hours. Being insulated with Australian wool and finished in oilskin this handy bag holds 30 litres and can comfortably fit 6 x 2 litre containers of milk with a couple of ice packs. The Market Bag works better than your regular esky/chiller box. When it comes time for storage just roll it up and stored underneath the seat of your car, in your caravan or RV cupboard and at home ready for next use. Its impressive design includes large thick straps making it easy to throw over your shoulder and carry it also has an outside pocket for a phone ect. This esky bag or cooler bag is terrific for shopping days, boating, camping, picnics, working away and fishing. When boating the soft bag will mould into whatever position you place it without sliding around or getting in the way unlike hard square conventional chiller boxes/eskies. When camping, use the Market Bag as the slave cooler throughout the day and your car fridge less by rotating ice at night and packing your Market Bag first thing in the morning. Pack around 4-5 ice bricks or frozen bottles of water and your drinks and food, this saves energy because you are not opening and closing your fridge as much and your chilled goods will last longer in your car fridge. The Market Bag has an attached inner lining that can be pulled out to dry and/or wipe any spillages with a damp cloth. The Market Bag also works with hot goods as impressive as it does with cold goods. This allows you to cook a feed before you pack up your campsite, pack it in the bag and stop down the road for a nice hot camp oven meal. Weight 1.1 kgDimensions 30 × 35 × 34 cm
leisure and water sandals, Skooda Skooda Ladies Leopard leisure and water sandals
Skooda Ladies Leopard leisure and water sandals $69.99
Ladies Leopard leisure and water sandals are another NEW release from Skooda. Skoodas are very stylish light weight shoes. The inner soles are formed with visco-elastic creating cushioned moulding creating comfort that is custom to your foot print. The outer covering of the shoes form perfectly to the shape of your feet and remain firm and comfortable throughout the day. This is perfect if you have lumps bumps or bulges. They are easy to slip on and off. Skoodas are machine washable and can be warn in fresh and salt water. They are perfect for boating, working and all leisure activities.
-9% sale
The Camp Kitchen, OzWit The Camp Kitchen, Camp Oven Cook Book
The Camp Kitchen, Camp Oven Cook Book $22.95 $24.95
Available now. The Camp Kitchen has been developed after years of listening and conversing to the camping and travelling communities of Australia. This unique book offers a creative range of camp oven and camp cooking delivering satisfaction to all campers and cooks alike. Grilling, rotisserie, frying, stewing, baking and some salad recipes are included in this awesome book. Beginners and experienced camp cooks will find an array of various flavours to match their cooking ability.  Recipes including: Breads One pots Pizzas Dough Pastries  Gluten free Vegetarian Seafood Beef Pork Chicken  Lamb Mince Cakes Salads The wide range of flavors in this book will have your guests drooling and wanting more. Everything from starters, mains, salads and desserts are in this book just waiting to be devoured. Included in The Camp Kitchen are tips, hints and guides, measurement conversion and herb companion charts to help your creative flair. Full colour photos of over 70 recipes this sixty page recipe book will keep you, your family and friends busy at home and on many camping trips for years to come.    
-17% sale
OzWit large Heat gloves, camp oven gloves, camp fire gloves, camp oven cooking gloves OzWit Heat resistant gloves
OzWit Heat Gloves Large, Resistant 300 degree rated $49.95 $59.95
OzWit Heat Resistant Gloves (large) Also available in (small) The OzWit Camp Oven Gloves are great for around the fire pit, they are rated to 300 degrees and have silicon grips. The gloves make it easier to move camp ovens, pans, hotplates around the fire and reduces the heat penetrating through. The long sleeve prevents burns occurring up your arm from oven racks and radiant heat from fires. One size fits all.
Put your foldable fire pit to the test with a delicious recipe from our cooking collection!

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