Australian Made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs Australian Made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs
Australian Made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs from $179.00
These quality made Tarrakoota Oilskin Uggs boots are made in Australia by Australians, with Australian wool and Australian oilskin. The sole is made with of rubber and EVA blend. So you can be sure you are getting a quality pair of Uggs that will last you for years. Here at OzWit we have taken the boots to the next level to include an oilskin outer to be worn as a weather resistant camping Ugg boot. These boots will keep your feet warm and dry through those cold winter nights.
Australian Oilskin vest, fully lined with Australian wool Oilskin vest with pockets for your hands and front and internal pockets for items
Men's Oilskin Wool Lined Vest $215.00
This vest is fantastic for warmth. It has a leather collar and the vest is made from Australian waterproof oilskin and is lined with Australian wool, it will keep you warm and dry. This vest is great for layering, allowing for better arm movement while still keeping your chest and back warm. It has two external flap pockets at the front which also has internal hand pockets behind the front flap pockets to allow you to keep your hands nice and warm. There is also an extra external flap pocket on the top left chest side to lock away valuables. It has a woollen pocket also on the inside of this vest making it a great vest for working in.   Chest measurement in centimetres: this is the measurement of your chest at the widest point. XS 95cm | S 100cm | M 105cm | L  110cm | XL 115cm | 2XL 120cm | 3XL 125 cm
Full Length Oilskin Coat is waterproof from top to bottom Long oilskin coat
Full Length Australian Oilskin Coat $261.95
From neck to shin, this waterproof, full length, Australian oilskin coat will shield you from the wind and rain. With its high collar, full yoke, tartan lining and overlapping front, you will remain dry and warm. This coat is perfect for camping enthusiasts, travellers and the great outdoors. Four outer pockets and an internal pocket keeps you belongings safe and dry. Chest measurement in centimeters  XS 121 cm | S 126 cm | M 131 cm | L 136 cm | XL 141 cm | 2XL 146 cm | 3XL 151 cm Comes equipped with clips to add an oilskin hood. The hood is purchased separately, get it here.
Oilskin hood, attaches to a oilskin coats and jackets Australian Oilskin hood, suitable for men and women's jackets
Attachable Australian Oilskin Hood $45.00
This hood  is 100% waterproof. It has clips and a peak to keep the sun off your face and can be attached to a Full Length Oilskin Coat or a 3/4 Oilskin Coat, making your jacket fully waterproof from you head down to the bottom of your jacket. The oilskin hood is designed to keep your head warm and dry.
Women's oilskin vest has pockets at the front and a zipped interior pocket for items Women's oilskin vest desined with shaping for comfortable fit
Women's Oilskin Wool and Tartan Lined Vest $190.00
This women's oilskin vest is made from Australian oilskin, tartan lined with Australian wool lining the chest area. Designed for optimum arm movement, this is a perfect addition for traveller's and camper's due to it's warmth, waterproof qualities and two front pockets, with an inner zipped pocket for items you want to keep dry. Chest measurement in centimetres  XS 96 cm | S 100 cm | M 106 cm | L 112 cm | XL 120 cm | 2XL 126 cm | 3XL 134 cm  
Oilskin Reproofer Spray
Oilskin Reproofer Spray $15.00
This Oilskin Reproofer is a vital part in keeping your Oilskin in good condition. Use this antibacterial spray as a yearly maintenance to extend or restore the waterproofing, so it can continue to keep you dry for years to come.
Oilskin boot guards, for over your pants Oilskin gaiters, water and dust proof
Boot Guards - Gaiters $44.00
These ankle boot guards are made from Australian oilskin, they’ll protect your boots and socks from burs, bindi's, rocks and rain, keeping your socks dry. Also good for chainsawing, keeping the sawdust out of your boots. You can now keep working without having to consistently pull out the burs from your socks.
Oilskin coat, full waterproof coverage from the neck to the thighs Oilskin coat, suitable for men and women
3/4 Australian Oilskin Coat $230.00
Made out of waterproof Australian oilskin and lined with tartan lining to keep you warm. The 3/4 oilskin jacket has four outer pockets and an internal pocket. The collar has press studs so you can attach an oilskin hood. The coat closes with two sets of press studs for wind resistance. Chest measurement in centimeters  XS 125 cm | S 129 cm | M 134 cm | L 137 cm | XL 144 cm | 2XL 152 cm | 3XL 158 cm  
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Oilskin vest Men's Oilskin Vest
Men's Oilskin Vest $195.00
This Oilskin vest is made from Australian Oilskin and has a warm tartan lining, keeping you warm and dry all day long. It has a total of six pockets, including inside pockets, zippered pockets for your security and two trimmed with leather and lined with corduroy to keep your hands nice and warm. XS 108cm  |  S 112cm  |  M 118cm |  L 124cm |  XL 130cm | 2XL 138cm | 3XL 144cm
The Bomber The Bomber
The Bomber $248.95
Experience the ultimate fusion of style and comfort with our contemporary Bomber Jacket, a true embodiment of modern trends. Crafted from authentic Australian oilskin, This Bomber Jacket ensures unparalleled weatherproofing that shields you from the elements while providing warmth. The jacket's rich gold and green tartan lining adds a touch of elegance and cosiness, enhancing your overall experience. And that's not all – with abundant inner and arm pockets, functionality seamlessly meets fashion in this remarkable piece.
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