About Us

OzWit was developed from the experiences of two families who decided to take a leap of faith and pack up their lives to travel Australia with their families.

This was in 2006 and the internet was in its early stages so there wasn't much information to be gathered online. Most research before we left was done through the grey nomads in the family, who had travelled Australia themselves, or phone calls to different government departments. The main objective was to gather as much information as we could on what to take with us, and home schooling the children. Once we found a distance education centre and signed up with the school, we headed off.

We recorded our trip, and on our return in 2009 we decided to put together an informative website with information for travellers, and people wanting to travel with their children. We added handy tips and tricks about driving and fishing, and camp oven recipes as we loved to cook in our camp oven while on the road.

After we completed the website, we decided to put together a couple of Camp Oven eBooks to show people that camp cooking wasn’t just stews and plain dampers. The eBooks Cooking with Camp Ovens and Fair Dinkum Dampers were developed and we uploaded them for sale online. The eBooks became very popular so we sourced some sponsors, including Lauke Bread Mix and Heat Beads Australia, to assist with the expense of self-publishing our eBooks into print form.

To promote our Camp Oven Cook Books, we decided to attend
our first caravan and camping show in Nambour back in 2009 to demonstrate a few
of our recipes. In our demonstrations, we used light weight Australian made
Camp Ovens, and we were inundated with requests on where to purchase them. They
were so popular among show-goers, we decided to become a distributor of Spun
Steel Camp Ovens. We were often asked about other great products we used, so we
decided to put together a product range of practical, light weight, and
foldable camping gear sourced both in Australia and overseas from various

We have used many firepits over the years and were after one
that was compact light weight. After spending hundreds of hours sourcing and
testing various fire pits, the Quokka foldable fire pit was introduced to our
camping range in 2017. We found this fire pit to be the highest quality and
will not warp or buckle. After using it for a year or so we designed a few
extra accessories to complement the BBQ fire pit, which we now add into our
combo kits. Which are all available in an assortment of twelve combo kits.
Which we’re sure you’ll find on to your liking and budget.

You can also view the Quokka in action, where it has been
used on various television shows such as Goin Off Grid, Step Outside with Paul
Burt, and Ozfish TV.

Our Australian family-owned business consists of myself, my
husband Ashley, and are joined on occasions by our children Jaimee and Beau and other extended family members. We attend Caravan and Camping shows as well as music festivals in various locations around Australia selling our wares, and offering information and knowledge to people who want to take the same leap of faith as we did.

Our daughter Jaimee has since completed a Journalism Degree
at University and has written an article in What's Up Down Under Magazine's Special Christmas Edition 2015, on what it was like home schooling whilst travelling around Australia.

The camp ovens were also mentioned in the May/June Edition 2016 of What's Up Down Under in a Camp Oven Segment. The article explains how
there is no real difference in the flavour of the spun steel Camp Oven food (compared to cast iron), and that they are light and robust, and best of all, Australian made.

Nearly fifteen years on we are proud of our range, and are often told that our customers are impressed with the quality of our goods. So behind the scenes, we are always searching and testing new products to keep our
customers up to date with new and improved gear that suit our collection.

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