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Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack
Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack $29.95 $35.00
These camp oven baking mats are custom designed by OzWit with handles allowing ease of  lowering and removing your food from your camp oven or frying pan with minimal effort. Kneed your bread or damper dough directly on the mat then lower it onto your trivet in your camp oven.  Perfect for roasts as the edges of the mat curve up the side of  9qrt - 12" camp ovens and smaller, reducing or stopping the juices from your roast accumulating on the bottom of the oven.   They are the perfect shape for your frying pan or spun steel camp oven lid. They are a thick PTFE mat, free from any harmful chemicals Use mats on a low to medium heat  Prevent messy camp oven clean up and save water, simply wipe clean use on public BBQs   This video below shows the use of the OzWit Camp Oven Baking Mat.
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reusable cable ties, made from nylon and are UV stabilised Reusable Cable Ties - Travel Pack - Four sizes
Reusable Cable Ties - Travel Pack - Four sizes $29.95 $34.00
Reusable cable ties are a necessity for anyone travelling camping, gardening or repairing. Being a reusable cable tie there’s no need to purchase more every time you want to use one. Just keep them in a handy spot after use, and pull them out next time to reuse. Zipped Up reusable cable ties are great to:  Hang lights, wrap cords and hoses. Hold down tarps and to tie off bags. Use in the garden, assisting seedlings, saplings, vines and vegetables. They assist the handy man being that extra hand to clamp, hold and hang. Great for camping to hold and hang belongings and lights. Hang clothes line under your caravan awning. This hand pack includes 100 pieces in total. 25 pcs x 200 mm x 5 mm 25 pcs x 250 mm x 7.2 mm 25 pcs x 350 mm x 7.4 mm 25 pcs x 450 mm x 7.4 mm
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Fly net with bag Fly net with bag
Fly net with bag $9.95 $14.95
This fly net fits over a brim, cap or bucket hat. It's a necessity for anyone to have in their camping kit. Keeps those pesky fly's out of your mouth nose and ears, especially out west where they can be very thick. Being black net they don't distort your vision when wearing throughout the day. It comes in a very handy bag for easy storage.
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Stainless steel clothes pegs Stainless Steel Pegs
Stainless Steel Pegs 1 PACK $20.00 $24.00
These stainless steel pegs with polypropylene grips and strap hooks which allows you to hang multiple items from the one peg, will last for years.  20 pegs per pack UV Stabilised Strong grip Don't get hot in the sun No more broken pegs
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Bungee Cords 5 Pack Bungee Cords 5 Pack
Bungee Cords 5 Pack $11.95 $12.50
These cords are super handy. Double the length of most on the market and made from quality latex rubber inner.  Save your eyelets on your tarps The balls on the bungee cords apply even pressure right the way around the eyelet no matter what angle the tie down point. Can be made shorter if need be. Great for: Anti flappers  Secure around awning arms when travelling Fishing rods  Camping poles Tie tarps around small saplings and poles  Shade Screens secure power leads, hoses and sullage tubes     25mm ball 12 inch cord latex rubber UV Stabilised 
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16 x Food Bag Sealers 4 sizes 16 x Food Bag Sealers 4 sizes
16 x Food Bag Sealers 4 sizes $19.95 $24.95
These bag sealers are great to have in your camping gear or kitchen at home.They keep your food fresh for weeks and keep ants out.  It's a simple to use design which allows you to reseal your opened packets for later use. Made from a tough durable plastic that won't break and will last for many years.  Forget using plastic bands or pegs. these sealers are air and water tight and minimizes food wastage. Sealers can be used in the fridge on bags such as spinach leaves which keeps for weeks. They can be used in your pantry keeping foods such as chips, biscuits, rice and pasta ect fresh and ant free. Eliminates freezer burn when sealing your frozen vege's in the freezer. They come in a 16 pack with 2 pieces in 4 different sizes and colours. 4 x 11.5cm long 4 x 18.5cm long 4 x 22.5 cm long 4 x 28.5cm long
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Hemp Body Lotion
Hemp Body Lotion $9.95 $12.45
This Hemp Body Lotion is a well-balanced lotion and assists in nourishing, restoring and soothing your skin. Hemp oil is rich in fatty acids and omega 3, 6 and 9 essential for healthy looking skin. It is described as natures most perfectly balanced oil. Enriched plant derived essential oils in this lovely blend include lemon peel and green tea extracts.
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Wine Glass Cooler
Wine Glass Cooler $12.95 $15.00
These wine glass coolers are great to keep your wine cooler for longer. The zippered cooler is designed to slip over the bass of your stem glass to cover the most important part, your wine. It also keeps your fingers and hands high and dry in the colder months. The wine coolers are great for protecting your wine glass when travelling as well. When it's Time to wine down, it's time to get the cooler out!
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