All Terrain Dog Boots All Terrain Dog Boots
All Terrain Dog Boots $49.95
These Dog shoes are a necessity for any dog who like to go for long walks. They protect your best friend from burning their paws on the hot tar and concrete. They also protect them from those pesky burs when out and about in the bush or paddocks. They have a heavy duty sole and the flexibility to run in them if needed. They range from Size 4 to size 8 for the much larger dogs. Sizing chart below Size    Length    Width 4        6.4 cm      5.5 cm 5        7.0 cm      6.0 cm 6        7.6 cm      6.5 cm 7        8.2 cm      7.0 cm 8        8.8 cm      7.5 cm
Oilskin Dog Coats Wool Lined Oilskin Dog Coats Wool Lined
Oilskin Waterproof Woollen Dog Coats $69.95
Oilskin Dog Coats Designed in Australia and made from Australian Oilskin and lined with Australian Wool for Aussie dogs. These dog coats will protect your best friend from all of the Australian elements.  We cover sizes as small as 30cm up to 80cm. To measure your dogs for size simply measure from the bottom of your dogs neck to the tip of your dogs tail. Australian oilskin repels water, keeping your dog from smelling so wet. Lined with Australian wool to achieve a warm and  happy dog. Adjustable Velcro straps and wide range of sizes to fit all kinds of dogs.  
Oilskin dog water bowl Folding oilskin dog water bowl
Dog Water Bowl $35.00
Dog Water bowl These handy dog water bowls unroll this bowl to reveal a fully waterproof dog bowl Roll it up and put in your pocket or clip it onto your dogs collar or on your bag. How good’s that? The oilskin outer is tough and won’t mind mud. The inside is waterproof PVC to hold in the water. 
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