Rotisserie Brackets for the Quokka Folding Fire Pit


Rotisserie Brackets for the Quokka Folding Fire Pit


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Product description

The Quokka Rotisserie Brackets are made from stainless steel and are designed to take the Gasmate battery operated Rotisserie Kit.

They easily slot straight onto the Quokka's grill cradle rails after removing the center grill.

When roasting, raise the grill cradle to it's highest position to ensure your roast doesn't burn, adjust the cradle height according to the heat emitted from your pit. If you cannot hold your hand at the roast height over the heat source for more than five seconds you have a good cooking heat.

The brackets in conjunction with the Quokka Folding Fire Pit make it easy to have a roast anywhere anytime. all you need is the Quokka Folding Fire Pit, the rotisserie brackets, Travel Pits folding charcoal starter, some fire lighters and your selection of meat.

Step one: Set up your Quokka Folding Fire Pit remove grill from grill cradle and place brackets onto the support bars of the grill cradle.

Step two: Adjust rotisserie to suit the dimensions of your Quokka 

Step three: Set up your charcoal starter and fill charcoal starter with your choice of BBQ fuel.

Step four: place fire lighter on fire grid in Quokka light the fire lighters and place charcoal starter over the flame.

Step five: Load the rotisserie spike with your choice of meat.

Step six: Once BBQ fuel has ashed over, pour on to the fire grid in the Quokka

Step seven: Put the spiked meat onto the brackets and the spike into the motor drive and turn on.

Cooking times may take a little longer than in your traditional home oven, just use a skewer to test when you think it may be ready.

But be assured that the tenderness and the flavours from this style of cooking comes highly recommended by the OzWit crew.

OzWit tends to stuff the chickens, ad rubs or marinade to the lamb or pork.  


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