Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack

$29.95 $35.00 -15% OFF

Camp Oven Baking Mats with handles - two per pack

$29.95 $35.00 -15% OFF

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Product description

These camp oven baking mats are custom designed by OzWit with handles allowing ease of  lowering and removing your food from your camp oven or frying pan with minimal effort.

Kneed your bread or damper dough directly on the mat then lower it onto your trivet in your camp oven. 

Perfect for roasts as the edges of the mat curve up the side of  9qrt - 12" camp ovens and smaller, reducing or stopping the juices from your roast accumulating on the bottom of the oven.  

They are the perfect shape for your frying pan or spun steel camp oven lid.

  • They are a thick PTFE mat, free from any harmful chemicals
  • Use mats on a low to medium heat 
  • Prevent messy camp oven clean up and save water, simply wipe clean
  • use on public BBQs


This video below shows the use of the OzWit Camp Oven Baking Mat.

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