A spun steel camp oven is outdoor cooking equipment made from carbon steel (mild steel), taking its shape by way of the spinning process. Hence, the name spun steel. It is an excellent alternative to traditional cast iron camp ovens and is ideal for camping, hunting, outdoor activities and travellers in caravans, campervans etc.

The benefits of using a spun steel camp oven

A spun steel camp oven is lightweight, durable, easy to carry and heats up quickly, making it the ideal solution for travel and outdoor cooking. It's a far better alternative than traditional cast iron ovens as cast iron is heavy, brittle and can crack easily if impacted or dropped. Sudden temperature changes by pouring cold water into a hot cast iron oven can cause it to crack as well.

Spun steel camp ovens can be used on hot coals in an open fireplace, BBQ, and gas or induction cookers. We prefer to use our spun steel camp ovens on our Quokka folding fire pit with BBQ fuels such as Heat Beads, Hot Shots and lump charcoal. 

Why seasoning a camp oven is so important

Seasoning a camp oven is essential to prevent rust and improve cooking performance. It also helps to protect the oven from damage and prolong its lifespan.

How to season your spun steel camp oven

  1. Wash the oven — To prepare the camp oven for seasoning, you must clean it. Thoroughly wash the spun steel camp oven with mild soapy water, removing any manufacturing oil and residue.
  2. Dry the oven thoroughly — After cleaning, dry the oven completely. You can use a cloth or paper towel to ensure it’s dry and moisture-free.

  3. Apply oil — Lightly cover all spun steel camp oven surfaces inside and out with food-grade high-temperature oil, such as rice bran oil. Use a paper towel to remove any remaining manufacturing oil and residue.

  4. Heat the oven — Apply heat to the spun steel camp oven while leaving the lid on. Heat all surfaces for around ten minutes. Choose from the following two methods:

    • If you are using a fire, leave the lid on, surround your camp oven with coals, and cover the lid.

    • If you use a BBQ, leave the lid in place with your camp oven under your hooded BBQ.

  5. Cool down the oven — Allow the spun steel camp oven to cool completely. Repeat steps three and four. You can then start cooking! It's best to cook a Roast Lamb or Roast Pork as the fats in these meats help further season your camp oven.

  6. Clean the oven after use — After each use, clean the spun steel camp oven thoroughly with warm water to remove any food residue. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as they can damage the seasoning. If there is stubborn food residue, sprinkle some salt on the surface and use a paper towel to scrub it off. Place it on heat to dry and coat it with a light oil film to prevent rust.

  7. Store the oven — Store the spun steel camp oven in a dry place, away from moisture and humidity, preferably in a canvas bag. If you live in a humid area, consider using a dehumidifier or placing a moisture-absorbing packet inside the oven.

  8. Observe the oven’s changes — Your oven will turn a brown colour to start with — do not be concerned if it looks motley. Seasoning a camp oven will cause it to become darker and more consistent in colour after every use.

  9. Repeat the process as needed — If your spun steel camp oven looks shabby at any stage, just repeat the seasoning process as listed above from step 2 onward, and your oven will again improve after every cook-up.

Seasoning your camp oven is an essential step in maintaining its quality and ensuring it lasts for many years. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can season your spun steel camp oven properly and keep it in excellent condition so it is black and glossy. And if you’re using the correct temperatures for cooking, your oven should become non-stick.

Seasoning your camp oven made easy by Ozwit

At Ozwit, we pride ourselves on giving fellow travellers handy tips and tricks when travelling on the road. From driving and fishing advice to camp oven cooking tips, we have everything in one place! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out — we’re happy to help.

Seasoning spun steel camp oven

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