Camp Oven Heat Gloves Double Pack Large + Small

$89.95 $119.90 -25% OFF

Camp Oven Heat Gloves Double Pack Large + Small

$89.95 $119.90 -25% OFF

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Product description

OzWit White Camp Oven Heat Gloves

Small and Large pack


The OzWit Camp Oven Gloves are great for handling extremely hot cast iron and spun steel camp ovens. Also, great around hot plates, oven utensils and trays, BBQs, pizza ovens, and racks in your conventional oven at home. Available in Large and Small, these Kevlar and silicon gloves are ambidextrous and fit your left or right hand.

The OzWit Camp Oven Gloves are scorch and cut resistant, protected with a Kevlar coating and have silicon studded grips. Added protection comes from the double lining, all these attributes make the gloves rated at 300 degrees celcius and dramatically reduces heat penetrating through to your skin.

The heat will come through but builds up slowly giving you approximately 25 to 30 seconds to place your items safely in your desired location depending on the amount of heat emanating from your item.

When working with hot coals around the fire place, the long sleeves prevent radiant heat irritating your arms, this is also helpful in reducing the chance of oven rack burns occurring when using your conventional home oven.

  • Kevlar coating
  • Silicon grips
  • Double lined
  • Long Sleeves 
  • Multi use
  • Scorch resistant
  • Cut resistant
  • Two sizes fits all

Not suited for naked flame contact, Do not use when wet.

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