Cooking With Camp Ovens Fair Dinkum Dampers Books, Camp Oven Cooking

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Cooking With Camp Ovens Fair Dinkum Dampers Books, Camp Oven Cooking

$44.95 $45.90 -3% OFF

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These two popular Camp Oven Cook Books are filled with creative content to help the camp fire cook deliver and explore beautiful mouth-watering camp oven recipes. Have your fellow campers and or guests drooling at the mouth and wanting more. Cooking with Camp Oven's has entree's, mains and creative desserts.

OzWit enjoys creating recipes to please, we often cook up out and about or just in the back yard with the aids of our spun steel camp ovens and Quokka Folding Fire Pits,

“our passion for cooking is driven by our taste buds”

“Cooking with Camp Ovens” will guide the reader and provide secrets of successfully cooking a wealth of menu ideas, new techniques, practical hints designed for ease of preparation in a camp oven or dutch oven.

A practical guide to help you start cooking a camp oven/ dutch oven in a fire with adequate hot coals, on gas, with Heat Beads®, charcoal or in a conventional oven. What to do in windy conditions, how to prevent hot spots, and what you need to get you started.


“Fair Dinkum Dampers” teaches you different and creative ways to turn damper into main meals and desserts. It also includes fun recipes for the kids so they can learn camp cooking techniques.

This handy book will guide the reader and provide classic information of how to cook creative dampers in a camp oven.

Full colour gloss 150 gsm pages with a colour photo of every recipe along with hints and tips for cooking a successful camp oven.


Within the pages of both these books you will enjoy an exciting range of healthy, delicious meals with flavour. A valuable asset to any outdoor cook, a mouth-watering selection of recipes cooking with roast meat, damper, pot roast or stews, pies, pizzas, corned silverside, sausages, seafood, desserts or time old classics using paperbark and wood chips with seasonal produce you may find at your local market or on holiday or your travels.

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