Black heat resistant gloves 500 degree

$49.95 $59.95 -17% OFF

Black heat resistant gloves 500 degree

$49.95 $59.95 -17% OFF

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Product description

One size fits all, Left or right handed

Silicone grips 500 deg celcius with silicon grips.

The OzWit Black Camp Oven Gloves are great for handling extremely hot cast iron and spun steel camp ovens. Also great around hot plates, oven utensils and trays, BBQs, pizza ovens, and racks in your conventional oven at home.

The gloves are double lined and rated at 500 degrees celcius and dramatically reduce heat penetrating through to your skin. The heat will come through but builds up slowly giving you plenty of time to place your items safely.

The long sleeve prevents radiant heat and oven rack burns occurring up your arms.

One size fits all.

Not suited for contact with hot coals or naked flame, do not use when wet.

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